Senior Session – $350

1-2 Hours (including drive time to multiple locations)

1-2 Locations, as time allows, no limit on outfit changes

I know that senior year for parents can be such a bittersweet time, and many times scheduling senior pictures is one of the first steps that makes you realize that senior year has really arrived! My goal is for this session to be fun and casual. Many times, this is the first time for your senior to have an entire photo session focused solely on them. I encourage parents, siblings, or maybe a friend or two to come along! While the session will be all about the senior, I’m always up for snapping a few photos with family or friends, and it’s great to have some people there to help encourage those genuine smiles and laughs.

Double Senior Session - $600

It has become more and more common for a senior to request a second session so they can have some options from different seasons throughout the year. Booking dates for both sessions at once will provide a $100 savings.

Family/Children/Engagement Session - $200

30 – 45 Minutes

1 Location

I absolutely love shooting for family sessions. My goal is for everyone to ENJOY their experience while having photos taken. We all know that it can be stressful to pick out outfits, do everyone’s hair, keep everyone clean, and arrive at photos on time. My goal is that once you have arrived, everyone can relax, play, and enjoy time together. While we will aim to have at least a few staged photos (or whatever poses you request), the candid photos are my favorite. They are the most genuine and really capture the personalities and love within a family.

Multiple Family Session – Details on Pricing Below

Is it time to capture some family pictures with your parents, siblings, grandparents, etc? The more, the merrier! Pricing for this is a little different, as I am not going to charge as much for one individual as I would for a couple with kids, and grandparents are always free. Below is the pricing per member/family. Contact me to talk details, and we can confirm the price of the package for your family.

Lifestyle Family Session - $300

30 – 45 Minutes

This is a great option to have photos taken in the comfort of your own home with your family. Forget the hustle and bustle of trying to load everyone up and arrive at your session on time – I will come to you! Available within 30 miles of Des Moines.

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